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Small & Medium Business Management Software in India

The revolution has unlimited impact on the business operations and way of working. In today's time, when people all around the world have easy and quick access to various platforms, solutions and devices, being out of the league may prove fatal for the growth of your business.

And especially for small and medium sized enterprises, an effective Business Management Software can ensure smooth flow of daily activities and hassle-free problem-solving. But, we understand that as a start-up or being in the initial phase, you might hesitate to adopt costly applications for your business.

Therefore, our Business management software solutions are affordable and suitable for the small and medium firms, just like yours. But, low cost does not mean that you have to compromise with the quality of the software programs and services. We are in the field from past 6 years and all our clients have exceptional experience with us.

Our solutions are developed with leading-edge technology and therefore are efficient and reliable. They are designed in a way that makes them appropriate for organizations across various business sectors.

Following are the business management solutions provided by us for quick and effortless functioning of domains such as Human Resource (HR), Accounting and Customer Relations Management of an enterprise.

We Build Smart Products

Smart Payroll System

Every company process payroll for its employee. As as a company grows manual processing becomes difficult and there is no doubt in the fact that its a tedioius task to do.

Smart E-Mail System

As E-Mail has become the preferred method of communication for anyone who is consistently on the go, we at SPOKE Infotech have developed a product to satisfy your business needs.

Smart CRM System

In all the relationship management soft wares , CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of application. It is a software designed to help businesses manage customer.

Smart Accounting System

In a real-time environment, accounts are accessed and updated immediately to reflect activity. The need to test for equality of debits and credits through trial balances is usually not required.
Join our other happy clients who prefer us over other, today!
" Managing customer data and interacting with our customers is now just a matter a few simple steps. Just to all thanks to Spoke Info Tech's Smart CRM software. "
- Ambejogai People Co-Op Bank
" As automation is the key to succeed at everything in the business environment today, we have put our faith in this SMART software solution for automating our processes. "
- The Faiz Mercantile Co-Op Bank
" It's an easy to track staff attendance and generating there salary is just as simple as bonus to a year. Only because of Smart Spoke Infotech Payroll Software. Thanks to Spoke Intofech. "
- The Manmandir Co-Op Bank